Sadly, the cosmetic world is full of waste. Shipping boxes, retail boxes, boxes to open for pleasure, and plastic containers. So what happens to all these boxes once you receive your products?? Majority of the time they go right in the trash! Our minimal packaging helps prevent build up of unnecessary trash and plastics into our environment. 

To support our zero waste and minimal packaging mission, we have chosen not to double package our glass bottles in boxes, you don’t need the box, just the amazing products!!

We are also in the process of converting as many of our plastic bottles to recycled glass!

Help us become a zero waste company in 2020!! Recycle your glass bottles instead of throwing them away. Or clean them and reuse them in your home for storing things or use them as mini flower vases, we love that idea!! 
Unsure where or how to recycle your bottles? Email us and we can help you.
When you have 5 or more empty bottles we will gladly provide the shipping label to have them sent back to us for recycling! 
Once we receive the bottles we will email you a special coupon code for your next order!